In Parallel and Entwined

During 2017, I continued research inspired by my walks to and around the Shrewsbury Business Park and its surrounding edgelands, investigating relations between time and space, control and liberty, geometry and chaos, organic and human-made.

This resulted in a series of paintings, collages and décollages (collages in which layers of paper are cut or ripped into or sanded down).  I then made an artist book “In Parallel and Entwined”, also self-published in paperback, further details and images below.  These works all focus on everyday details, cartography and organic forms.

This work was featured in exhibitions in Shrewsbury at the Hive arts centre, In Good Hands Café, VAN Street Gallery and Shrewsbury Open Studios.

I led a walking workshop event Space Explorers! in which a group of us walked for 40 mins following an algorithm, using elements of chance, that we devised on the day.  We gathered materials and inspiration at the destination we found ourselves in after the allotted time, and returned to the gallery to create collages/assemblages.  The event encouraged different ways of looking and spontaneity in putting ideas together.

Rising, Andrew Howe

Rising; Oil on canvas (triptych) (45cm x 30cm x 3)

The book brings together 25 studies comprising black and white collages, drawings and mixed media works on the brown/neutral paper of manila envelopes.  The studies are bound into a concertina-style artist book with a frieze on the reverse of the pages running the length of the book.  A selection of images of the studies and from the frieze are shown below.

The original works are published as a single limited edition.

A full colour paperback version is available on, retailing at £12 + p&p.  Further details for purchasing here.