CPRE Hedgerow Heroes

I was delighted to be commissioned by CPRE Shropshire to work on their Hedgerow Heroes project to run walks and workshops, one in each of the four seasons in 2023/24. The aim was to inspire people to respond creatively in a series of different arts activities, and learn more about hedgerows, their use in sustainable farming practices and value in supporting biodiversity.

In the first event, on a scorching hot day at the beautiful wetland and meadows of Stony Field, Stags Head in New Invention, South Shropshire we made cyanotype prints on paper and fabric and shadow drawings using natural inks.

At the second event at Cheshire Coppice Farm and Admaston Community Centre we made a fabulous array of monoprints using gelplates and collected plant materials.

Rob Rowe, an ecologist/botanist, accompanied the group to provide insight into the many plants and living creatures that inhabit the hedgerows.

Participants could take away their own artworks and they were also invited to take part in producing a collaborative artist book or larger work, which will incorporate selected artworks and writings to illustrate the changing life of hedgerows through the seasons.

Further events are planned for:

6th February 2024 to make collages and artist books at Whitegates Farm, Moreton Wood, nr Whitchurch. April 2024 at Brickyard Farm, Wheathill

Further details to be confirmed