Found in Frankwell

Found in Frankwell

Walking regularly in my local area of Frankwell in Shrewsbury during the Covid 19 lockdown, I began a process of mapping and creative activities leading to a series of artist books and a collaborative project with other artists based in or connected with the area.

The first two books are sold in support of the Shrewsbury Food Hub, an environmental charity which redistributes surplus food from retailers in Shrewsbury to community groups that can make good use of it. This avoids food waste, saves community groups on average 30% of their food budget, helps alleviate food poverty and helps build a resilient community network of food knowledge and skills.

Four of the following books can be purchased via my shop.

All of the following books can be previewed in full at via the links below each book.

Frankwell in View

I linked up with six artists: Anne Bremridge, Sandra Fisher, Amanda Hillier, Jim Sadler, Jancis Vaughan and Jennifer Wallace. Together we compiled this book of drawings, prints, collages and photographs celebrating the heritage and green spaces of our community.

Preview Frankwell in View here

An A to Z of Frankwell

My daughter, Eliza and I researched local history and explored buildings and places. Inspired by Common Ground’s Local Distinctiveness projects, Eliza created an alphabet using images from signs in Frankwell, while I made a set of ink drawings.

Preview the A to Z of Frankwell here.

Found in Frankwell

Two volumes of photomontages created from a series of photographs taken whilst walking in Frankwell during the Covid 19 lockdown March to July 2020. When walking we experience a chaotic stream of sensory information and chance encounters with the everyday and the surprising. These books were inspired by the work of Robert Rauschenberg, who could always find beauty in these juxtapositions.

In each collection of images I tried to capture the sensory encounters of walking in incidental visual relations, lines and trajectories, the fleeting glimpse, and transient effects of light and weather.

Preview Found in Frankwell Volume 1 here.

In this volume, the images are compiled with no particular logic but as in a journey, the viewer begins to find their own connections and narrative.

Preview Found in Frankwell Volume 2 here.

Walking Territory

A single edition artist book documenting my Covid walks restricted to within 2km of my house. It comprises a series of route maps and text responses to the choreography of social distancing entangled with the unfolding of Spring. The book is made with paper made from plant materials gathered from my garden and from walks, and using ink made from oak galls from my garden.

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