In Parallel and Entwined

In Parallel and Entwined

This book brings together 25 studies comprising black and white collages, drawings and mixed media works on the brown/neutral paper of manila envelopes.    The studies continue from my In Parallel project using motifs of maps, everyday details of the business park (air conditioning vents, manhole covers), elements of the landscape (disused railway bridge), and plant forms.  Methods include collage (using digital images, maps), drawings in a range of media, frottage and painting in gouache and acrylic..

The studies are bound into a concertina-style artist book with a frieze on the reverse of the pages running the length of the book.

A selection of the studies:

A selection of images from the frieze on the reverse pages:

The original works are published as a single limited edition.

A full colour paperback version is available on, retailing at £12 + p&p.  Further details for purchasing here.

There will be a book launch at the exhibition at In Good Hands cafe in Shrewsbury on Monday 6th February, 6pm-8pm.  See the news page on my website for more information.