The Minutes, Andrew Howe

The Minutes

As part of my “In Parallel” project I took photographs documenting my walk to/from work and around the area of the Shrewsbury business park/office and surrounding edgelands.   I also recorded my perceived experience, or phenomenology, in writing for just a few minutes at specific times and dates over a twelve month period or more.  The photographs were paired with text in a book entitled “The Minutes”.

I was exploring the relationship between the “parallel universes” of the business park and edgelands, what was happening in one “universe” when I was observing the other.  To paraphrase Hans Peter Feldmann, I was interested in the unexceptional 95% or so of the day when “nothing” was happening.

The book was displayed as part of the exhibition at Participate Contemporary Artspace gallery last in March 2016.

The Minutes may be purchased on line via Blurb.  The Minutes Andrew Howe

These are a few sample pages: