Pre-2014 Archived projects

A selection of projects including:

Land in Hand 

Documenting the development of new allotments at Coton Hill, Shrewsbury in collaboration with Mairi Turner






Imperfectly Natural 

Reach Out

An exploration of rhythm, transition and connections.  Natural cycles and the birth of my baby daughter, Eliza, were a source of inspiration. I  contemplated the links and changes taking place at this time when a new generation emerges.






Inner Space

A Gap in the Traffic

Layering and complexity in the urban environment. City life can be exciting and it can be overbearing. These images focus primarily on individuals, lost in thought or simply concentrating on what they are doing.






City Connections

A series of images focusing on the relationships, sometimes ambiguous, transient or tenuous, between city folk.


Exploring the paradox of how we have become phantoms in our own cities.