I use walking as inspiration for painting, drawing, photography, books, printmaking and digital media.  I investigate the interaction between people and places, looking for hidden narratives.

Working in communities and crossing boundaries between disciplines, I am open to collaboration.  I aim to be inclusive and a catalyst for change.

Resisting a common perception that humans are separate from nature, I try to draw attention to human entanglements within a multi-species environment, seeking non-human perspectives.

The urban fringe or edgelands are the contemporary landscape we are all familiar with and these dynamic places provide me with inspiration.  My paintings depict views shifting from everyday details to the wider landscape and its emotional affect.  I raise issues concerning land ownership and use of public/private space, and investigate relations between control and liberty, geometric order and chaos, the organic and human-made.  Working in layers, I regularly return to themes of rhythm, transition and connections.