My practice includes painting, photography, books, walking and digital media.

I am interested in how people interact with rural and urban environments.  Current work reflects research themes of space and place, relationships between sites, the everyday, psychogeography, sense of home and walking as art practice.

The urban fringe or edgelands are the contemporary landscape we are all familiar with and these dynamic places provide me with inspiration.  My paintings depict views shifting from everyday details to the wider landscape and its emotional affect.  I raise issues concerning land ownership and use of public/private space, and investigate relations between control and liberty, geometric order and chaos, the organic and human-made.  Rhythm, transition and connections are themes I regularly return to.

Layers are central to my working process and how I think about applying paint, combining images and using different materials.  I work in a range of different media, primarily oils or acrylics, but also watercolour, pastels and mixed media incorporating card, plaster, wood, plastic, and other found materials.