Current Events

Collage Now, VAN Street Gallery, Shrewsbury
13th June to 8th July 2017

Peter Williams and I are co-curating an exhibition at the VAN Street Gallery featuring my work alongside 10 other contemporary collage artists, including Anwar Shemza, Malcolm Tillis, Ted Eames, Peter Williams, Heather Prescott, Angela Martin, Bamber Hawes, Emily Wilkinson and Gretchen Christman-Johnson.

18/19 Shoplatch,

There are workshop events by several of the artists to encourage participation in collage:

All Day drop in workshop 17th June 2017
Emily Wilkinson (Found Poetry and Text Art) 2-4pm 30th June 2017 (see here for more details and booking)
Jacs Collins/Rosie Read, Mixed media collage, 6th July 2017

Publications news

Books are available for purchase as follows:

“In Parallel and Entwined”
Andrew Howe


Available in paperback at £12 + p&p, see here for preview and purchase information.

“The Minutes”
Andrew Howe


Hardback £72.71 + p&p

See here for further details or to purchase.

“Land in Hand – The Making of Coton Hill Allotments”
Andrew Howe & Mairi Turner


Paper back £29.95 or hardback £38.50 + p&p

See here for further details or here to purchase.

 “We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet”
Andrew Howe & Colin Blundell


A few copies of this limited edition of 25 handmade books are available for £36 by contacting the artist directly.  Further details.