Recent and Forthcoming Events

Cinderloo Remembered exhibition

I co-curated this exhibition at the Coalbrookdale Gallery next to the Museum of Iron. The exhibition brings together much of the project work we have been doing over the last 4 years to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Cinderloo Uprising. The exhibition contains paintings, drawings, collage, prints, sculpture and film from 11 artists, school project work, archive materials loaned from Ironbridge Gorge Museums, the illustrated Cinderloo story, maps, family history, banners, poetry, zines, research and hundreds of photographs. I have five of my series of Witness Tree drawings on show, plus a series of 10 canvases entitled “Missing Evidence”, plus the “Bear Witness” film Jill Impey produced with me. The Exhibition is open: –

  • Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays from 10 – 4,
  • Saturdays and Sundays open 12 – 2
  • Closed Mondays and Tuesdays

If driving, there is plenty of parking space, but you will need to pay. The exhibition is free to enter. 

Visit for further information.

Mosses and Marshes Project

An exhibition of individual and collaborative work by artists Andrew Howe and Kim V. Goldsmith comprising:

  • 16 minute video in 10 chapters with soundscapes created by Kim V. Goldsmith
  • Collaborative video The Tone of Things
  • Collaborative spoken word piece I am Walking
  • Canvases by Andrew Howe using inks/prints made from natural materials gathered at the Mosses
  • Prints and handmade paper collages by Andrew Howe.

Join Kim V. Goldsmith and Andrew Howe for an ARTIST TALK about MOSSES AND MARSHES (9am UK GMT/7pm AET 14th Oct), while it’s showing at Qube Gallery. Hear about the project, the works, the book and the project’s International Panel Discussion set down for 11 November. ** FREE EVENT, Register on Zoom by 14 October.

As part of the Mosses + Marshes project, an international panel discussion will be held in partnership with Dubbo Regional Council on 11 November, bringing together a group of natural resource managers, scientists, academics, and cultural consultants from Australia and the UK with a wealth of experience in land and natural resource management issues. The panel will be discussing alternative ways of understanding and valuing special environments to help shape their future, with a focus on the Fenn’s, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses (UK) and the Macquarie Marshes (Australia).

This live, facilitated event on Zoom, will include pre-recorded provocations and audience contributions to the discussion via the event chat. The panel discussion will be recorded for use in ongoing conversations as part of the Mosses and Marshes project.

Further details of panelists and booking information are available on the website here .

A publication about the Mosses and Marshes project was launched at the start of the Qube exhibition. The book goes beyond the artworks to expand on the various research themes in texts and an array of beautiful images. 

Edited by Dr Liz Charpleix, with a foreword by Dave Pritchard (Ramsar Culture Network), the book features contributions from curators Gudrun Filipska (UK), Jamie Lea Trindall (AUS), ecological, environmental and cultural writings by Tim Hosking, Fleur and Laurance Magick Denis of Milan Dhiiyaan, Sooty Welsh (Wayilwan Elder/artist), Cathie Sleigh (Shropshire Wildlife Trust), Robert Duff (Natural England), and many other project partners and people from the communities around the Mosses and Marshes.

The book is on sale in UK at £15 (+P+P).

An exhibition of:

  • fantastic display of three 7m long banners and other artworks made by Wem Youth Club inspired by visits to Whixall Moss with artists Kate Johnston, Sue Challis, Andrew Howe and Anna Martin of Shropshire Wildlife Trust
  • prints inspired by the Mosses by Andrew Howe
  • displays about the Marches Mosses BogLIFE project by Shropshire Wildlife Trust/Natural England

There will be an open event at the Gallery on Tuesday 19th October, which will also include a showing of a short film made by MediaActive Projects CIC documenting the project with Wem Youth Club and the making of the banners.

Further details to plan your visit at Wem Town Hall

Mosses Art Trail

An Art Trail featuring sculptures and sounds of the Mosses and Marshes was launched at Fenn’s and Whixall Moss in July 2021, and will be available until the end of October 2021.

You are invited to visit the Art Trail and meet the artists involved Saturday 30th October.

 For full details and how to access the Art Trail.

The soundscapes were edited by Andrew Howe and Kim V. Goldsmith and feature sound recordings of wildlife, water and trees, poetry, history and memories of life on and around the peatbog. The sculptures were created by artists, Elizabeth Turner and Keith Ashford. Read more.

The project was launched on Tuesday 2nd February, World Wetlands Day with video previews from our collaboration. Read more

The Mosses and Marshes project led by me and Kim V. Goldsmith (AUS) brings together artists, land managers and environmental specialists in the UK and Australia questioning how we think about and value natural environments through works centred on the raised peat bogs of Fenn’s Bettisfield and Whixall Mosses NNR on the border between England and Wales and the iconic Macquarie Marshes in New South Wales, Australia.

We are hugely grateful to Arts Council England for public funding from the National Lottery, and for support from UK partners Shropshire Wildlife Trust and Natural England.  This enables us to work with five other artists: Elizabeth Turner and Keith Ashford, Sue Challis, Kate Johnston and Lydia Halcrow, artist/curator Gudrun Filipska of Arts Territory Exchange, Mediaactive Projects CIC and local partners Wem Youth Club and Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

This first phase includes new artworks for public exhibition, workshops, walks and talks, and a project publication due for release prior to the first exhibition at Qube Gallery, Oswestry in October. Australian exhibitions will follow in 2022.

Future of Wetlands Webinar

I spoke about the Mosses and Marshes transglobal arts collaboration project at this CIWEM* event on Thurs 25th March.

Robert Duff, project manager for Natural England talked about the BogLIFE peatbog regeneration project and a Q&A discussion was led by Dave Pritchard, chair of CIWEM’s Art and Environment Network and chair of the Ramsar Culture Network

* Event hosted by the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management.

Watch a recording of the event:

Avon Meadows: Beauty and Utility

I was thrilled to be one of four artists commissioned by Meadow Arts to make an artwork and to work with community groups and or schools responding to the seasons and changing environment at Avon Meadows in Pershore.

Meadow Arts is working with the Floodplain Meadows Partnership which represents a number of key organisations and is hosted by the Open University, School of Environment, Earth and Ecosystem Sciences.

My workshop about ecoprinting and markmaking with natural materials took place March 2021 on @meadowarts Instagram IGTV – see further details at

Read about my progress on my blog: No Time Like the Present.

Mapping the Pandemic and Post Covid Dreams – Living Maps

Frankwell Utopia collage by Andrew Howe
Frankwell Utopia

During the Summer of 2020, I was invited to contribute to Living Maps Network’s Mapping the Pandemic project by artist/curator Kimbal Quist Bumstead. I presented my collage of a Frankwell Utopia in an online event on Weds 22nd July 2020.

You can see a recording of the event here

The project featured in an article in Issue 9 of the Living Maps Review here:

My article Walking Territory: In and Out of Lockdown was also published in that edition, read it here:

Frankwell Books

Walking regularly in my local area of Frankwell in Shrewsbury during the Covid 19 lockdown, I began a process of mapping and creative activities leading to a series of five artist books and a collaborative project with other artists based in or connected with the area.

Four of the books are for sale, and two of them are sold in support of the Shrewsbury Food Hub, an environmental charity which redistributes surplus food from retailers in Shrewsbury to community groups that can make good use of it. This avoids food waste, saves community groups on average 30% of their food budget, helps alleviate food poverty and helps build a resilient community network of food knowledge and skills.


One of the digital drawings from my Inhabited series is included in this online exhibition.

F50 Festival


I was delighted to join 27 other artists from 7 different countries in taking part in this online festival.  The event was curated by Kim Goldsmith, who I am collaborating with in projects via Arts Territory Exchange.  Some of my digital drawings from a series of work entitled “Where to?” were featured, along with the collaborative work made in 2019 with poet Graham Attenborough in response to our walk along the Rea Brook valley.

Find out more here

ahowe_where to_1

A Stitch in Time

I’m excited that some of my collaborative work with Gareth Jones is featured with 13 other Arts Territory Exchange artists in this show in Beijing.

Bear Witness: The Lie of the Land

A new short film by Jill Impey and myself was launched at the Wellington Arts Festival in October 2019, with showings also at Ironbridge Gorge Festival and to Cinderloo 1821 members. The film explores the story of the Cinderloo Uprising, Shropshire’s Peterloo, which took place almost 200 years ago in Old Park, Dawley, and how it links with the landscape of today.  After brief discussion and refreshments, you are invited to take part in the following fun activities to help create collaborative artworks and song taking inspiration from the film:

Following the film, we held a mapping workshop with Amanda Hillier using collage, printmaking and creative writing, while singer/songwriter Kate Allan pooled ideas to compose and perform a new song on themes related to Cinderloo and Dawley’s untold history

VAN at 20, Theatre Severn Gallery

Three of my Rea Brook Edges paintings are featured in this exhibition celebrating 20 years of the Shropshire Visual Art Network

Rea Brook Edges I, acrylic on wood panel

VAN Winter Exhibition

I have two paintings (“Exit”and “Windows” from my In Parallel series this exhibition at the University Centre, Shrewsbury.

Andrew Howe Windows

A Walk in Time

On November 9th 2019, I led a workshop exploring Urban Ruins in Worcester in a large collage of photographs and surface textures at the Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum as part of the events for Meadow Arts exhibition Living Ruins

Scaffolds of Nature Exhibition

Three of my paintings “Whixall Forms”, “Rising” and “Biomorph V” featured in this exhibition, curated by Emily Wilkinson.

Encounters 2 Exhibition

I was paired with poet Graham Attenborough for this project.

Scour II Art Walks

I led two walks and art workshops in May and August 2019 for the Scour II: Museum in the Landscape project, led by artists Elizabeth Turner and Keith Ashford. I later used some of the collages, artwork, photographs and writing created during the walks and workshops in a new zine called Arrow , mapping the landscape of the Arrow river valley in Redditch.

Fourth World Congress of Psychogeography

I took part in the 2019 4WCOP by running an event “Acts of Resistance” from Empire House in Dewsbury on Saturday 7th September 2019. Saturday’s events were staged in association with Creative Scene, and my event fits in with their Paper Peace project.

Arts Territory Exchange

In 2019, I commenced two remote collaborations with artists via the Arts Territory Exchange Programme (aTE), which comprises a global network of artists and art practices which respond to the geography of their territory of production.

The first of these is a project which extends an ongoing collaboration with Gareth Jones, artist/academic who is based in Osaka, Japan.

In the second project, I am working with Kim Goldsmith, artist and media and marketing communications consultant, based in New South Wales, Australia.

Both projects are yielding some exciting possibilities for art works over the coming months. Follow progress on my blog.

VAN Summer Exhibition

Three of my Traces laser cut relief paintings from my In Parallel series are on show over the Summer at University Centre Shrewsbury, Frankwell. 


Lawn and Meadow, Participate Contemporary Artspace

Three of my paintings inspired by a walk along the Rea Brook Valley in Shrewsbury were featured in this exhibition selected by guest curator Mel Evans and the team at Participate. Read more in my blog here.

The exhibition ran from Tuesday 24th July – Saturday 11th August.


Beyond the Pedestrian, University of Liverpool, 26th July 2018

I was delighted to give a short presentation about my walking projects and taking part in a round-table discussion at this one-day interdisciplinary event focused on walking research, practice and culture, organised by Dr Morag Rose.


Brownfield Research Centre,
Airspace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent

Some of my work was featured in this excellent exhibition and series of artist residencies and related events at Airspace from 15th June to 22nd July 2018.

Further details here.



Six of my paintings and collages and two poems were on show in the Encounters exhibition at the VAN Gallery, Shoplatch in Shrewsbury from 20th March to 28th April 2018.


The exhibition featured around 20 pairs of visual artists and poets, responding to each others’ work.  I was in three pairings:

Working as a painter with:

Kate Innes (novelist/poet)

Ursula Troche (poet/photographer/psychogeographer)

And as a writer with:

Paul Baines (painter)

Publications news

Books are available for purchase as follows:

“In Parallel and Entwined”
Andrew Howe

Available in paperback at £12 + p&p, see here for preview and purchase information.




“The Minutes”
Andrew Howe

Hardback £72.71 + p&p

See here for further details or to purchase.



“Land in Hand – The Making of Coton Hill Allotments”
Andrew Howe & Mairi Turner

Paper back £29.95 or hardback £38.50 + p&p

See here for further details or here to purchase.



“We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet”
Andrew Howe & Colin Blundell

A few copies of this limited edition of 25 handmade books are available for £36 by contacting the artist directly.

Further details.